5 Critical Factors for a Peg out

Whilst our homes are our castles, it doesn’t stop us subdividing, redeveloping and extending over the parts we no longer need or use. But any work requires approvals, and that involves a process of many steps. All Plumbing and Civil can help you tick an important box by making sure, when it comes to sewerage and water, your development will comply with the strict requirements set out by Sydney Water.

Here are 5 critical reasons to use All Plumbing and Civil for your next Peg out and subsequent report:

#1 Peg Before you Play

There is a lot riding on the correct pegging of your water and sewer system. Even a minor miscalculation could result in damage, sometimes to multiple properties, leaving you liable. Regardless of the foundation (rock, shale, clay, sandstone etc) All Plumbing and Civil will locate the Sydney Water asset, cross-reference existing plans and create a compliant report that can be used as the foundation for further engineering work.

#2 Independence

Unlike other suppliers, All Plumbing and Civil is truly independent. Once the report is generated, you are free to award the work to the engineering firm or your choice, or All Plumbing and Civil can help with that too. Being unaligned means you are free to find the expertise that best suits the needs and budget of your development.

#3 Quality Assurance

Only suppliers who have passed the stringent requirements set by Sydney Water are authorized to carry out this type of work. This accreditation is your guarantee that the work carried out conforms to published standards.

#4 Technology

All Plumbing and Civil use a range of well-maintained and tested, highly accurate state-of-the-art equipment, including the latest radio electronic detection and CCTV imaging.

#5 Easy to Deal With

Alex and his team help simplify what can be a complex process. They will explain the process and how it fits in with the ultimate goal of getting approval for your development. They pride themselves on their professionalism, while maintaining an easy to work with, always calm manner.

Make Sure Your Next Development Gets Off to The Best Start.

By getting All Plumbing and Civil to provide the sewer peg out and the resulting detailed report, your next development will be that one step closer. You will be getting an important tick in the right box, to help your development progress.

You need an expert

To make Sydney Water approval as simple as Peg and Play, call Alex direct on his mobile now, on 0400 911 111. Or you can fill in the Peg out Request webform and get a response back within two hours.

Only Sydney Water approved specialists are accredited to work on Sydney Water assets. So get the specialist team at All Plumbing and Civil on your side.