Frequently Asked Questions


Your Sydney Water sewer responsibilities

Whether you’re building a granny flat in your backyard or a development of multiple dwellings, here are some answers to common questions about your Sydney Water sewer responsibilities. 

Sydney Water accredited plumbers are the only individuals and companies that are approved to build Sydney water assets. We have shown Sydney Water that we have the capability, qualifications and experience needed to meet their high-quality standards.

No matter what sort of development you’re building, you need to make sure you’re not going to impact any of Sydney Water’s sewer, water or stormwater pipes. We help you work out what Sydney Water assets are on your property. We also work with Sydney Water and/or a Water Servicing Coordinator to provide a detailed report. For more information about this service, visit our Peg Out page.

Generally, you’re responsible for the pipes on your property up to the Sydney Water connection point. Sydney Water have some more information about how you can work out who needs to fix the pipe. If you need a plumber to help, give us a call.

Water Service Coordinators can help coordinate your Building Plan Approval and Section 73 Certificate application. Their services may include:


  • reviewing your Building Plan Application, getting a lodgement summary on your behalf,
  • advising you on what documents you need for your building application,
  • lodging approved plans to Sydney Water,
  • project managing piering inspection, junction inspection, and/or concrete encasement if they’re needed.


We have longstanding relationships with a network of Water Servicing Coordinators and we’re more than happy to point you in the right direction.

You might. It all depends on where the Sydney Water assets are on your property. We’ve got more information about building plan approvals and Section 73 certificates here.

It all depends on where the asset is in relation to where you want to build. In the case of a pool, it’s sometimes easier and cheaper to change its potential location so that it’s out of the way of a Sydney Water asset. The worst-case scenario is that we encase the asset in concrete and build over it.


Got more questions?

We understand that the approval part of a building project can be complicated. If you have any more questions about how we can help, we would be happy to chat with you over the phone. Call Alex on 0400 911 111