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Sewer Peg Out / Service Protection Report

Are you installing a pool? Building a granny flat, garage, carport or deck? 
Maybe you’re making a much-needed addition to your property? 

If you’re building within a certain distance of a Sydney Water owned asset, you need to get a Service Protection Report, which is more commonly known as a sewer peg out.

What’s a sewer peg out?

A sewer peg out report (also known as Service Protection, sewer survey or peg out survey) will work out exactly where the Sydney Water asset is in relation to your construction so you can make sure there is no risk of damaging it. 

Do I need a sewer peg out?

Your first step is to check with Sydney Water about where their assets (sewer, water or storm water) are on your property. They have an online service called ‘Sydney Water Tapin’  (it used to be called a Sydney Water ‘Quick Check’) where you can upload your plans and find out whether your development will impact a Sydney Water asset.

If there is a Sydney Water asset on or adjacent to where your planned construction is, then you will be referred to a Water Servicing Coordinator  who will request a peg out. You’re required to get a peg out before receiving formal approval of your building plans.

What does the peg out involve?

One of our trained technicians will visit your development site and confirm the exact location of the asset. We use highly accurate, state-of-the-art equipment such as radio electronic detection and CCTV imaging. Based on our on-site inspection and Sydney Water records, we give you a plan that outlines the infrastructure in your lot. Included in the report is the location, depth and size of the Sydney Water asset and the type of soil (sand, clay, shale etc) the pipe is in.

If needed, we can also consult with a Water Servicing Coordinator to provide any further help on your building plan approval.

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